The biodiesel market in the EU


Globally, and in the EU in particular, the biodiesel market is growing. Biodiesel – organic gold on the world market. Its applications are mainly in the transport sector, but the main consumers are also industry and buildings. Biodiesel is becoming an increasingly preferred fuel. Its distribution is dynamic, demand is higher and supply is more competitive. The main countries producing biodiesel for 2020 are the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany, China, Thailand, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Argentina. In 2019 alone, biodiesel consumption per day in the United States was … barrels per day. The other top 5 consumer countries are …. Biodiesel imports to the EU are estimated at … dollars in 2019. The Europe largest consumers of biodiesel in 2020 are …. Their consumption represents …% of the total Community fuel consumption.

This research shows the state and the opportunities finding market and partners abroat. Contains analyzes and recommendations. It will help you to make quick decisions, achieve results and successful development.



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