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Aleksander Milenov


He is a Master of Marketing at the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. Between 2001 and 2012, he worked in marketing and sales for public and private organizations. Aleks likes trips, meetings with people, to get to know other cultures, values delicious food and the good wine.

“My grandfather was a merchant and I founded my company such as a kind of continuationon his practice, based on my experience and knowledge in the marketing, sales and management, which I gained over the years.

During my studies I worked in large and small organizations and so I had the opportunity to put into practice what I learned in the university. My quest to understand the essence of things, along with my ability to mediate and find solutions to different situations, has become my most valuable asset. This helped me take a leadership position at the age of 26, and two years later I ran a business.

In 2010, I decided to become a commercial intermediary and help companies expand their business. I researched the most effective methods in this sphere and developed my own system that give to positive results. In 2012 I founded my own company for finding suitable markets and partners abroad, increases revenues, reduces the risk, costs and time of companies for new transactions.”

Katya Milenova


She has a master’s degree in international business and management from D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov. From 2007 to 2015, she worked in the field of European projects for SMEs and training organizations, including proposal preparation, project coordination, financial management and reporting and financial control of infrastructure projects for municipalities. Since 2016, Katya has specialized and actively works in the field of financial planning and consulting.

“I have loved numbers, geometry and English since I was a child, and I use them whenever I can. At university, I realized that my discipline, order, and diligence could work for me as well as for other people and projects.

I like working with people, solving problems, finding the right information, organizing and systematizing. So you can find me in trainings, seminars, meetings, projects related to financial planning and management. I help people to see the big picture, to discover the small steps and details, so that their idea comes true.

In addition to my professional projects, you can see me as a mother of a little boy and as a person who loves dancing, nature walks, healthy living, personal development, meeting friends, public events and meditation. I like to maintain a balance of interests and I definitely use the principle – stick to simplicity. “

Violina Kirilova


She has Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations at the Dimitar A. Tsenov Academy of Economics – Svishtov. Vili began gaining proffesional experience during her student years through an internship at the Center for International Affairs at the University, as well as participations in student projects. She also distinguished by her active work as a volunteer for national and international organizations, thanks to which he develops good social and organizational skills.

“I can describe myself as an ambitious person, always striving to upgrade knowledge and experiences. Professionally, my interest is focused on data processing, conducting studies on the state of international markets, learning about what is happening on the world trade scene, as well as making forecasts for future trends.

I like to participate in various seminars, training programs and projects through which to upgrade knowledge and skills in various fields. Outside of work, you can find me to take part in various social events, learn foreign languages, travel, meet friends and cook. I also enjoy free time spent in the company of a good book, philosophical conversations and solving mysteries.”

Iancho Georgiev​

Trade & Forwarding

He completed his higher education at St. Perebug University. He has a master’s degree in Far Eastern history. Traveled and lived in Korea and China in his childhood. He likes to deal with history and to study the economic and cultural life of the countries.

“Already in my student years, I started a business in the field of tourism and trade. I had the good fortune to communicate with many interesting people from different countries, which enriched my knowledge of the world. After I returned to Bulgaria, I was at a crossroads whether to start working at the university or start in the field of commerce. I chose the second and worked in one of the largest companies in the country.

For many years I was involved in the trade of import end export goods. After that, I moved in the area of forwarding and logisticsq where the challenges are many, but the feeling is incomparable when the right solution be found and client is satisfied. It gives me satisfaction to know that I have done something useful and contributed to the development of the business and the prosperity of the clients.“

We help established companies to find suitable markets and partners abroad.

Partnership that facilitates, reduces risk, costs and time for new business, that creates more and better opportunities for prosperity.

Efficiency, pragmatism, correctness, reliability, trust.

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