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We are a trading house and provide services for expanding business abroad. We combine economic, geographic and organizational factors to offer you reliable markets and partners in EU and beyond, intermediate goods for sells and purchases, logistic operations and transport. We well understand the needs of the companies that partner with us and are ready to provide you fast, personalized and reliable processing of your orders, and to find you the needed goods in large or smaller quantities with excellent cost and lead time, according to your priorities. Learn more about us.

We are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. This provides us with direct access to the markets in South Eastern Europe and Bulgaria’s EU membership – to markets in the rest of the union, the continent and beyong.

Companies, who want to expand their business abroad. Since 2012 we partner to well-established buyers, who want new suppliers or products from abroad and thus to further enhance their business, and suppliers, who want to have new markets, reliable clients and regular sales on their products. According to what extent you want to partner with us there are four services to choose from. Each of them will be further tailored to your requirements, finances and the desired result. Results will depend on the type of product and the specifics of your business. 

We are disciplined in the implementation of the projects and achieve 100% satisfaction from the work with us. The companies who partnered with us achieved results for their business in a much shorter time than they would have done if they worked alone. Our intermediation and its related services works successfully for both suppliers and buyers, saving them time and money, reducing the risk of bad business practices and increasing efficiency in general. As we are focused on achieving concrete results, related to expanding the business of our partners abroad, our services quickly pay off.

Usually, most of our partners get first outcomes up to 3 months after starting our partnership. Contact us and tell us more about your business and the goals you want to achieve. We will give you our reply as soon as possible.


General questions

We provide services for business expansion. We find suitable markets and partners abroad. See the answers on some of the more common questions we are asked.

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