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Despite technological advances, human resources continue to be an indispensable factor in business growth, but hiring the right people is increasingly difficult. Today, more and more companies outsource part of their work to trained and qualified outsiders.

MWTH’s service is just that – outsourcing part of the sales process to our team. In doing so, we help our clients increase their sales force without having to increase their team, reduce the risk of inefficient collaboration, reduce costs and increase their profits.

As a result, the companies we work with manage to grow their business, create new contacts, sell and buy effectively. Customers use our experience – in different markets, in research, wholesale, contracting, order management and partnership development – to build an additional channel for regular sales / purchases.

Market and segment research

we are constantly scanning current or new markets and we are keeping an eye on current supply and demand trends and opportunities. This information provides our customers with knowledge about which product is best sold.

Identification and evaluation of partners

we collect and analyze information about potential clients or suppliers, their reliability and reputation. We study suitable for business companies, their current business and future plans and work hard to build trust and understanding with them.

Negotiations and trade developmen

we negotiate favorable terms, ensure order and organize the delivery of goods. Our experience and competence give our clients peace of mind for the quality of the implementation of the agreements and the development of long-term relationships.

Regular sales/purchases

we commit ourselves to expanding current or new markets in the long run, so that our clients receive much more than one-off deals. Our excellent relationship with a large number of suppliers and buyers allows our customers to rely on them when needed to provide them with a suitable alternative quickly.

After sales service

We build trust and reputation for our customers, especially in terms of quality, purchasing and delivery. We take care to provide high quality after-sales service as well as precautions so that claims are avoided.

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