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Succeeding internationally is due to in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, strong management, sound control, good negotiation strategy and long-term vision. However, today’s business environment is changing at a rapid pace, with many changes having a direct and Indirect impact on the efficiency and quality of contracting and commercial management.

Our service provides expertise in managing relationships with suppliers, partners, and customers. Our team acts as an extension of your organization developing the right marketing strategy to meet your growth and profitability goals. In essence, our main task is to ensure that your interests are protected in all business activities related to market expansion.

To achieve this, we apply a full range of specialized services from market research and analysis, marketing, negotiation and sales to delivery, logistics and after-sales services. We strive for accurate adherence to contracts and effective risk management to ensure their cost-effective performance from start to finish.

Market and segment surveys

We are constantly scanning current or new markets and keeping an eye on current supply and demand trends and opportunities. This information provides our customers with knowledge of which product is best sold.

Customer identification and evaluation

We collect and analyze information about potential customers, their reliability and reputation. We study suitable for business companies, their current business and future plans and work hard to build trust and understanding with them.

Negotiations and trade development

we negotiate favorable terms, ensure order and organize the delivery of goods. Our experience and competence give our clients peace of mind for the quality of the implementation of the agreements and the development of long-term relationships.

Product adaptation and packaging

we keep our customers informed of requirements related to product use, design changes and packaging. Our customers receive a quick response when changes in the design of labels, packaging and marketing materials are required.

Financing and insurance

in every possible way we try to reduce the risk and avoid problems related to bad practices. We help our clients to obtain favorable terms for deals, advance or deferred payments and financial guarantees under more favorable terms. For this purpose, we cooperate with banks, export insurance companies and credit intermediaries.

Export and transport documentation

Our cooperation with approved customs agents, logistics and transport companies guarantees our customers the choice of the most appropriate type of transport in terms of cost and quality of service and carefully prepared documents.

Claims and after-sales service

we build trust and reputation for our customers, especially in terms of quality, purchasing and delivery. We take care to provide quality after-sales service as well as precautions so that claims are avoided.

Creating regular sales channels

we are committed to expanding current or new markets in the long run, so that our clients receive much more than one-off deals. Each of our product launch strategies involves developing long-term sales plans by creating a regular sales channel.

Attracting new partners

variable factors that are beyond our clients’ control can lead to unforeseen situations, such as the inability to deliver or accept goods at the last moment. Our excellent relationship with a large number of suppliers and buyers allows our customers to rely on us when needed to provide them with a suitable alternative quickly.

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