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We help you grow your business in new or existing markets.

“MWTH is a commercial outsourcing company, created in 2012 by me, as a kind of continuation of my paternal and maternal grandparents’ trade activities. The desire to be like them provokes me to create my own business, which is a kind of continuation of this family tradition.

I worked in marketing and sales for large and smaller organizations during my studies, so I had the opportunity to put into practice what I learned. This helped me understand what really worked in thise sphere. Finding a solution for different situations has become my calling and my desire to achieve results that can be easily seen has become my most valuable asset.

Over the years, I have noticed that in order to continue expanding, smaller companies need to overcome the challenges of growth associated with the risk, cost, time and resources. Looking for a solution to this, I researched the most effective methods which lead guaranteed to positive results. Over time, I have been able to develop a system of activities that stimulates moderate growth, permanently increases profits and significantly reduces risk, cost, time and resources.”

Aleksander Milenov, CEO

Our company manages the long-term interest of the suppliers and buyers that want to grow their business effectively, build new partnerships, and maximize your profit potential while reducing risk, cost and time for this. Our business model is designed to increase the efficiency of your trade process and to provide the best possible results. For our services we receive remuneration, both as per tariff, and by agreement with our customers.

The company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We mainly work in the markets in Europe, executing projects in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Germany, Poland. Sofia’s strategic location provides us with direct access to the markets in South Eeastern Europe and Bulgaria’s EU membership to markets in the rest of the community

MWTH provides you with subscription market expansion services to the only to you – the established buyers and suppliers with an annual turnover of between EUR 1 and EUR 13.5 million and up to 100 employees. If you are a manufacturer who wants to have reliable customers, regular and increasing sales of your products, we can help your. If you are an importer of quality products from different suppliers and want to buy new products from trusted manufacturers to further enhance your business, we can help you.

Collaboration with us is not appropriate for companies with financial problems, start-ups, businesses that do not have established products and companies with very large sales teams.

Really the sectors, in which we have experience, are limited: food and beverage, financial services, chemical products, machinery, medicines and nutritional supplements. However, we use proven and tested methods that are practically applicable to most existing businesses. Our system guarantees results that can be easily seen and measured, and yet we continue to look for new and new ways to improve it.

As a company engaged in market expansion, we are focused on your goals and are disciplined in project implementation, striving to maximize results for you in terms of increasing your market share, sales and therefore more revenue. We carefully select the companies we work with, and we recommend others to work with other companies. The results of each project quickly pay off our clients’ investment. Practically, we have 100% satisfaction with our work.

Assigning part of your trade process to our team. In this way, we help you increase your trade force without having to increase your team, to increase your profits reduceing your expansion costs and the risk of inefficient new collaborations. In practice, our system provides an additional trade channel through which you buy or sell more efficient.

Yes. Commercial outsourcing is well known around the world and works quite successfully. It has great benefits for both suppliers and buyers, saving them money, time, reducing transaction risk and increasing efficiency. We guarantee you that the cost of the service is 20 to 80% lower than your costs of hiring new employees and the additional costs of marketing, exhibitions and expansion related travel. Collaboration with us greatly reduces the time to negotiate deals and the risk of bad practices in the business, as it focuses on working with the right companies under the desired conditions.

Of course, we do not claim that the results that our current clients have achieved will be achieved. At least because at the moment we do not know the details of your business. Still, if everything is done properly from you and us, you can expect business growth, more revenue, and higher profits.

Obviously, the results will depend on the type of business in which you operate, and how quickly we can implement the system. Usually most clients get business results after 6-9 months of working with us. The results pay off the investment for all year long.

Our system is based on practical experience and knowledge from the study of effective methods from ancient times to the present. The clients we have worked with have achieved results for their business in a much shorter time than they would have done if they worked alone.

Solid yes! In 1 year, we manage to attract quality new business for most of our clients, and as we strive to develop long-term relationships, you’ll receive even greater returns in the coming years.

You can read reviews of our former or current clients here to find out what it’s like to work with us. Then, if you wish, you can contact those from whom you want to get an additional opinion.

You are asked to accept that cooperation with us is an investment and you should feel comfortable with it. Trust us, let us get to know your business and extract maximum benefit for it, then evaluate the impact yourself.

Congratulations on your decision. We are glad you want to work together. According to what extent you want to work with us there are three models to choose from: to delegate us your trade process; to manage marketing and delegate us only the sales or purchases; to delegate us only your marketing. Each model should be further tailored to your requirements, taking into account finances, people and the desired result. Select between:

  • Commercial management – includes a full range of specialized services – from market research and analysis, marketing, negotiations and sales to delivery, logistics and after-sales services – all from start to finish. Read more 
  • Outsourced sales/purchases – represents a professional trade representation with purpose providing new customers or products, increase efficiency and reduce the risk, time and cost of new deals. Read more

  • Market presence – combines image creation, content and presentation that capture attention and interest, influence buying behavior, increase sales and customer loyalty. Read more 

Contact us on 0885 038 803 or via email at and tell us more about your business and the goals you want to achieve, we will prepare and send you everything you need.


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