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Posted 7 hours ago by mwtradehouse

Buy 2-3 cisterns of 28,000 liters of Cherry distillate with high qiality, that can meet our requirements: * typical fruit distillates from fresh fruits, without…

 Buyer /  Switzerland / 1 views


Posted 6 days ago by mwtradehouse

Sell quality Apple distillate, produced with fermentation of apple, with distillation on continuous line. Parameters: Smell and taste: specific for aplle distillate Appearance: clear colorless…

 Supplier /  Bosnia and Herzegovina / 6 views


Posted 6 days ago by mwtradehouse

Buy Apricot distillate 1580 LAA = 2 ICB-containers. More typical fruit (more fruit is better), from fresh fruits, without sour note, mash note, earthy note,…

 Buyer /  Austria / 11 views


Posted 1 week ago by mwtradehouse

Sell 2 lots of conventional Acacia honey, originated by Serbia with follow parameters: Color: 6 mm (Pfund) Pollen: 16 % Water content: 17,2 % HMF:…

 Supplier /  Serbia / 16 views


Posted 4 weeks ago by mwtradehouse

Sell Plum distillate 78%. Harvest 2021. Made from late plums Stanley variety in their full maturity. It has a typical delicate aroma of prunes and…

 Supplier /  Bulgaria / 24 views


Posted 2 months ago by mwtradehouse

¬†Sell Malted barley distillate 19 000 laa, prepared by 100% malt. Aged 12 months in oak barrels Technical sheet; Price incl. delivery; Payment: 50% in…

 Supplier /  Bulgaria / 44 views


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