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What Are MES

What Are Market Expansion Services?

Market expansion services add exceptional value and enable the well-established companies to grow their business in existing or new markets. They are focusing on efficiency gains, increase in sales revenue and reducing the complexity, risk, time and costs. Small and midsized enterprises receive a cost-efficient way to expand outside their normal scope through integrated bundled solutions in marketing, sales, logistic and distribution as well as clients or suppliers service and support.

Who are you

A company that produces quality products and you want them to be present in the markets of different countries, to have new customers and to increase the income from business with foreign partners.

What are your problems?

  • Have difficulty attracting reliable new customers and developing your relationships with them so that you can work with them long-term.
  • Want to enter new markets, but your risk, time and money for it seem very big to you.
  • Have current clients, but your relationships with them are not developing and your products are not selling well.
  • Strive to grow, but your sales team is small, it's busy with operational activity and doesn't have time to deal with strategic issues.
  • Thinking about increasе your number of people, but you are concerned about the costs and effectiveness of this step over time.

What you need the most now?

Solution that will grow your efficiency and provide you with quality new clients abroad, sales growth and increase profits. Something to make your sales stronger overall, reducing risk, cost and time for it.

A company that imports quality products from different suppliers abroad and you want to add new ones, increase your growth potential and cooperate with reliable manufacturers.

What are your problems?

  • You are flooded with information about products from different suppliers, but it is difficult to judge which ones are worth the time and money.
  • Want to add new products, but risk, time and money for it seem very big to you.
  • You have suppliers with whom your relationships are not developing but you are worried about unreliable new ones.
  • Strive to grow, but your purchasing team is small, it's busy with operational activity and doesn't have time to deal with strategic issues.
  • Thinking about increasе your number of people, but you are concerned about the costs and effectiveness of this step over time.

What you need the most now?

Solution that will increase your efficiency and provide you with quality new products, excellent prices and conditions, consistency in quality and deliveries. Something to make your purchases stronger overall, reducing risk, cost and time for it.

What The Outsourcing Can Do For You?

Each well-established company that wants to expand its business into existing and new markets needs reliable partners. Using of third parties to support production or distribution is not novelty. Outsourcing improves efficiency, reduces costs, maintains profitability, increases profits, develops reliable collaborations and long-term relationships.

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Are You Ready To Expand Your Horizons?

If you are looking for new possibilities, revenue growth, long-term partnerships, improved efficiency and lower risk, price and time to expand the market, we can help you. Ask for meeting with a manager from our team to talk about your situation and possible solutions. This meeting is completely free for you.

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We help you grow your business in new or existing markets.

“MWTH is a commercial outsourcing company, created in 2012 by me, as a kind of continuation of my paternal and maternal grandparents’ trade activities. The desire to be like them provokes me to create my own business, which is a kind of continuation of this family tradition.

I worked in marketing and sales for large and smaller organizations during my studies, so I had the opportunity to put into practice what I learned. This helped me understand what really worked in thise sphere. Finding a solution for different situations has become my calling and my desire to achieve results that can be easily seen has become my most valuable asset.

Over the years, I have noticed that in order to continue expanding, smaller companies need to overcome the challenges of growth associated with the risk, cost, time and resources. Looking for a solution to this, I researched the most effective methods which lead guaranteed to positive results. Over time, I have been able to develop a system of activities that stimulates moderate growth, permanently increases profits and significantly reduces risk, cost, time and resources.”

Aleksander Milenov, CEO

Our company manages the long-term interest of the suppliers and buyers that want to grow their business effectively, build new partnerships, and maximize your profit potential while reducing risk, cost and time for this. Our business model is designed to increase the efficiency of your trade process and to provide the best possible results. For our services we receive remuneration, both as per tariff, and by agreement with our customers.

The company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We mainly work in the markets in Europe, executing projects in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Germany, Poland. Sofia’s strategic location provides us with direct access to the markets in South Eeastern Europe and Bulgaria’s EU membership to markets in the rest of the community

MWTH provides you with subscription market expansion services to the only to you – the established buyers and suppliers with an annual turnover of between EUR 1 and EUR 13.5 million and up to 100 employees. If you are a manufacturer who wants to have reliable customers, regular and increasing sales of your products, we can help your. If you are an importer of quality products from different suppliers and want to buy new products from trusted manufacturers to further enhance your business, we can help you.

The results of each project quickly pay off the investment of our clients. We are focused on achieving your goals related to expanding your business abroad. We are disciplined in the implementation of projects, achieving maximum results and developing long-term relationships. We achieve 100% satisfaction with working with us.


The general question

We provide a solution that delivers quality new business, sales growth, long-term collaborations and lasting profit growth. See the answers on some of the more common questions we get asked.

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