The emerging wine market in the Czech Republic – Young urban professionals and economic recovery drive growth in it.

Although the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world – 150 liters per year, the popularity of the wine is increasing. Between 2008 and 2012, wine consumption increased by 12.4% per year, and the Czechs currently consume 20 liters of wine per capita. Young urban specialists and economic recovery stimulate an increase in consumption and growth in the wine market. This consumer group has adopted Western lifestyle and connects wine with social events and wellness. So drinking wine is becoming a modern trend. This creates opportunities for many different vendors, including suppliers from developing countries as long as the products are not too modernized.

The young urban professional class in the Czech Republic is expected to grow and continue to lead the market in the future. However, it is expected that in the long run, wine consumption will become popular for other consumer groups as well. In 2018, the Czech wine market is expected to have a value of 2,490.4 million dollars, an increase of 29.2% since 2013. In 2018, the Czech wine market is expected to have a volume of 308.3 million liters, an increase of 26.1% from 2013 onward.

The development of the Czech market usually follows the development of Western European markets. Positive economic prospects for the Czech Republic increase the possibility of market entry. Although the Czech Republic imports most of its wine from France and Italy, there is a considerable amount of imported wine from Eastern European countries due to close historical ties. In 2009, 23% of wine import comes from Eastern European countries, while in 2013 this figure has risen to 26%. Major suppliers in Eastern Europe: Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria and Macedonia. Popular countries of the New World are Argentina, Chile and Australia.

There is a slowdown in the development of the Czech Republic in the region compared to the Western European markets. While the slowdown and the small size of the market prevent the rapid adoption of new products, there is a great potential for development in the wine market for exporters from developing countries, as demand for wine has not been yet saturated. For the Czech market it is important to offer high purity products. For example, the organic wine market is growing faster than the food market, and young and urban people in the Czech Republic are eager to consume wine of superior quality, and organic wines seem to provide security to these consumers.

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