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Resources supply

We are a natural resources assurance company focused on over-the-counter trading. Since 2012, we have partnered with well established manufacturers and processors. Our location in Sofia, Bulgaria gives us easy access to the countries of Eastern Europe. We combine this geographic factor with Bulgaria’s EU membership and our organizational experience to provide reliable deliveries on our partners.


Reliable procurement

We are focused on sourcing the natural resources needed to produce more and better products that improve people’s lives. Our purpose is to help the leading producers as we provide them the suitable goods at the best value.


Stakeholders prosperity

Our purpose is the prosperity for all stakeholders – sellers, buyers, employees and society as a whole. Respect, efficiency and safety are at the core of how we operate. Our partners feel accepted, understood and valued as they are.


Positive impact

We do what we said we would do and build long-term business relationships with our partners. The satisfaction from the work with us is 100%, because our business is based on years of professional experience, sustainable practices, focus, efficiency, discipline, achieving results, monitoring and analysis.

How to partner with us?​

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