Retail sales of organic products and beverages in 2015 have exceeded $ 81 billion, almost four times more than 2000 ($ 18 billion). 90% of sales are in North America and Europe.
The demand is growing steadily in Asia, Latin America and Africa, but so far, production is export-oriented in these regions. For the production of organic products is used 1% of the agricultural land or nearly 50.9 million ha. The largest areas for organic production are in Australia (22.7 million ha), Argentina (3.1 million ha) and the USA (2 million ha).
Organic products are more expensive and consumers have a different motivation to buy them. First of all, health care, according to the French. German consumers are concerned about the environment. Danes are interested in the condition of animals and USA consumers – from the absence of GMOs in food and beverages. In Russia there is a process of forming of market for organic products and although it is currently small (about 120 million Euro, according to the data of various associations) there is a tendency for growth.
In Bulgaria, the organic production and consumption is growing. An increasingly preferred is the organic wine. For its production, the most important requirement is for the grapes to be bred organically. There are already several certified wineries in the country, whose products are mainly sought by young families who generally prefer to consume natural products. There is an interest in these middle-class wines also in the USA, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan.